Enventive Engineering/Tolerance Analysis Software

Enventive Engineering - Mechanical Design & Tolerance Analysis Software

Enventive Engineering - Mechanical Design & Tolerance Analysis Software

And now a word from our customer:

"On our very first application of Enventive, we attacked a production problem that was resulting in a 10% part rejection rate and that had already been studied for months with traditional methods to no avail. Using Enventive, in a few weeks we had modeled the product, isolated the key contributors to the tolerance problem, confirmed the root cause for the failures and updated the control plans. We went from more than 1000 rejected units per week to zero, saving millions of dollars per year..." "We can conceptualize design concepts 10 times faster in Enventive than we can with our native CAD system. The Enventive constraint model lets us evaluate design changes as quickly as we can think of the changes... in fact, the software often leads the designer to these changes." "Enventive, through strong successes on real-world projects, has earned the right to be our critical path tool for robust design." - Yves Le Pottier, Electrical Device Supplier

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